Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Craft Tutorial #1: "Framed Snowflake Mobile" by Amanda Johnson

Mixed in with interviews here on The Little Red suitcase, I will also be bringing you some highly crafty tutorials by some very creative individuals. Each tutorial will include full instructions as well as images. Plus, they will all be archived and at your disposal for whenever it is you would like to possibly take one on.

I am starting off my very first tutorial with a very chic, classy, inspiring, unique girl. Every time I visit her blog I find the most wonderful eye candy, whether it be the vintage clothes she comes across or the way she decorates a corner of her room, she has an eye for design. Mandi runs her own Vintage clothing shop on Etsy entitled
HalfCaf, is a designer for Hambly, and is a TAIF(The Art is Found) chick. So of course I knew that I had to ask if she would put together a craft tutorial for us, and well here it is!

"My heart belongs to the beautiful things in life, but the kind of beauty one has to search for. I love fashion and one of my favorite things to do is troll the thrift stores to find interesting pieces for my wardrobe. That's what I do for my home too- always looking in odd places and fun things. A favorite thing of mine is crafting. Random crazy stuff, scrap booking, photography, and drawing. I'm an interior design student and draw quite a lot for class, so it's nice to have a creative outlet that uses paper and glue instead of graphite and T-squares. :)"

"Framed Snowflake Mobile"

"Mobiles! They're swell to make. And even more so to look at! I have just decided that mobiles should become a season decoration in my home. Does anyone else think it is just absolutely depressing to take down Christmas decorations? The house always looks so bare around January. This year, I decided to keep up some wintery decorations, and even make a few just for fun! This mobile I made was for the latest prompt at The Art is Found. I'll share with you an easy little tutorial on how to make your own snowflake mobile in a frame."

All you need to complete this project is an empty frame, some colorful magazine clippings (which I always have on hand, stored in a manila envelope), twine (or ribbon, string, or fishing wire), tape (any kind will do!), and scissors.

2. I picked out some of the most graphic and colorful pieces from my magazine clippings stash, and cut them into circular shapes. If I didn't like the back of a page, I glued it together with a page I did like. Then, I simply folded the circular cut-out a few times so that I could cut designs into it, just like when I was a kid and made paper snowflakes at school.

I cut each snowflake into different sizes and patterns, to add some variety. I gotta admit, it's kind of thrilling unfolding the paper to see what shape you will find! :)

After making several paper snowflakes (the number depending on the size of the snowflakes and your frame) I tied them onto strings of twine, sometimes two snowflakes to a string.

Next, I flipped over my frame and began to decide where to put each string of snowflakes, and how long each one should hang. There's definitely no science to this, just pick something and go with it! Then I taped the strings to the top of the back of the frame, so that when winter is over, I can use the frame for something else.

love the simplicity of this project, how easy it is to use scraps that you can find around the house, and the limitless possibilities. I placed my frame by a window, because I like the way the light filters through the snowflakes. To bad the breeze is so cold this time of year, or it might be nice to see them flutter around! :)

Feel free to share your own framed mobiles
here in our comment section, and also be sure to check out The Art is Found prompt site for some more creative challenges!!!

Thank you Mandi.


Kotori said...

Such a cute and simple idea... love it!

Lisa said...

yep. she's a brilliant little mistress! i love her creativeness

cynthia said...

Oh wow this so beautiful!!!! So, need to find a cool frame for this. Awesome:)

Katie said...

Wow, thanks for this! Off to search out a frame, those mag clippings, and some twine. . . .


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