Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The Dainty Squid.

Last year when I was doing little interview pieces on my own personal blog, I came across a very unique and creative girl names Kaylah. She was creating jewelry, sewn items such as zip pouches, and plush creatures. Recently I came across her shop once again and had realized that within all a years time she has sold 2000 and something items on Etsy and her newest masterpiece is one super cool sewing motif chest piece that she recently had done. Colorful, fun, inspiring, this is the next interview I bring to you before the New year!!!

. An introduction is in order. Lets begin with one about you!

Where to begin, I'm Kaylah, a sewing obsessed, cat lady who
lives in the middle of nowhere Ohio.

2. Usually when one has an interesting name for their Shop, others have to know what its all about. So tell us, where does the name "The Dainty Squid" come from?
Haha, well, um, Squid is my cat (which came from my love of squids) and she's a dainty little princess.

. Sewing seems to be your thing. Lots and lots of lovely zip pouches for all y
our carry along needs. When did you first start sewing? Do you remember the first thing you ever sewed up??

The first time I sewed was about 5 or 6 years ago, it was in Home Ec, I made a pillow ..or ten. They were really fun! Then I didn't touch a sewing machine for a while until about 2 years ago when I found one in my closet.

. Aside from sewing, what other creative endeavours you enjoy participating in??
I don't really do much other than sew although I enjoy helping my boyfriend screen print. But I would really like to start making soap, but it's all about finding the time!

. I think besides all of the grea
t stuff you make, I was interested in your newest tattoo that I have seen of the sewing motif. I need to know, where did this idea come up and how long has it taken to work on?? Its just brilliant!

Thank you! I've always been interested in tattoos, and one day it just hit me...A SEWING MACHINE! So I looked high and low until I found the perfect tattoo artist for the job. I let him know what I wanted included and he took it from there. It's not quite done yet, but we started in August of 2008 so we're making good time as I only have 1 or 2 sessions left.

6. Ok, back to crafting! When your out shopping(or ordering online) what sort of fabric really catches your interest? What has seemed to sell more for you??
Um, fabrics that are really cute, like something you'd expect a child to like are what catch my eye, I love cute little animals, cupcakes and cactus. I think my best sellers are things with cameras on them, like this pouch

. Since the last time we spoke a year ago, you have had well over 1,000 sales. You really have done well. What are some pros and cons of owning your own Etsy shop?

Yeah! My business has really blossomed! It's pretty crazy. Pros: I get to work when I want and do whatever I want. It's the best thing ever. Cons: I work really long hours trying to fill orders. I rarely have a day off. Those are really the only cons. I absolutely love what I do!

8. What, who inspires you? What kind of stuff do you like to surround yourself with, whether it be music, books, movies, etc.
I love Japanese culture, all the cute stuff! so I suppose that's where I get my inspiration.

So I have seen some pictures of your work space. Care to share where it is exactly that you create most of your items at.
As of right now I'm work in a small room my dad built for me in their home. Hopefully this year my boyfriend and I will be able to get a house so I can have a nice roomy craft space to create in!

10. Five things you just cant live without:

. my cats!
2. fabric! 3. family! 4. mint chocolate chip milkshakes! 5. my sewing machine. In no apparent order, they're all pretty much equal. ;)


Lisa said...

yep, she rocks! great choice patty!

cynthia said...

Kaylah is cool and what awesome stuff, what energy she has and that awesome pink do and of course that tattoo. She is a gem:)

Shannon McLaughlin said...

Great interview! I ordered tons of her wee purses back in october as bridesmaid gifts...too cute! And she is so freaking adorable :)

lyptis said...

Great interview! I love kaylahs shop, her stuff is really cute!

Nice looking blog too!:)

My Ladies Fine Designs said...

Great interview.
Fun blog.


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